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Looking forward to court on the 24th

Friday, January 4th, 2013

I am actually looking forward to court later this month. Last month, I was startled to discover that my ex’s lies were being used by his attorney as their legal strategy! Maybe they’re thinking that, because we now have a new judge (the previous judge having retired), they can make claims that won’t be checked.

Thankfully, my court reporter became ill. Not that I wish her any harm, but it cut things short, giving me time to realize what was going on. (Yes, I actually stuck to my guns and insisted on my right to have a reporter present, despite my ex’s attorney hammering on my supposed “craziness” for wanting to document what he and my ex say.)

My ex begged off coming to court this month, on the grounds that it was a “hardship” for him to come because he’d have to leave his job that he’d “just started…yesterday”, being December nineteenth. But he’d told others about it on the fifth of December, and he sent me a letter, dated the nineteenth but postmarked the twenty-first, saying that he’d started on the seventeenth — a Monday, which makes much more sense. Then he sent me an e-mail this month, claiming that he’d lost the job on the twenty-sixth. Riiiiiiiiight.

Back to the “strategy”: My ex’s attorney is actually claiming that, as part of the divorce settlement, I agreed to “forgive” my ex’s tens of thousands of dollars in withheld child support in return for his “forgiving” me the hundreds of thousands (or millions; it depends when you ask them) that I’d owed him under the court order of March 27, 2009.

Unfortunately for them, I have a legible copy of that order. And in one of my ex’s rambling “she a bitch-whore from the pits of hell” screeds, he specified that the 2009 order is the one they mean when they claim that I owed the ex any portion of the income from my business (that they claim the previous judge had declared was a partnership).

I have little idea what I’m doing in court, but I have to say that, with the help of a program I found online (and these years of experience), I’m actually doing better now without an attorney than I ever did with one. How shameful is that?

I won!

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

My ex has refused to return my non-marital property, despite his own attorney having written the order giving him a deadline of 01 June 2012. He’s even rebuffed all my attempts to retrieve my stuff. Then he started billing me “storage fees” for the stuff he wouldn’t let me get. Then he threatened to sell whatever of my stuff is left, but keep billing me for storage fees.


Anyway, I’d been working on a Motion to Show Cause (why he shouldn’t be held in contempt for keeping my stuff) when I realized that I was about out of time (on his arbitrary and unilateral schedule) for ransoming my things. So I did an emergency hearing at the court, asking the judge for a temporary restraining order preventing the ex from selling or otherwise disposing of my property.

I didn’t get the TRO, but I did get an order saying that the ex must let me come over, must let me in, must let my guys (whoever they turn out to be) move the furniture, and must not interfere. The local police will be allowed to walk me through while I attempt to find the rest of my stuff (like my employment and tax records).

So I didn’t get what I’d asked for, but I was still heard, and I got what I needed. Thank you, all who have prayed for and supported me! Thank you, God! Yay!