This isn’t that…

I just did a Google search (how dated will that term be in ten or twenty years?) and discovered that there is another “braden bryce”.

Wow, is this “braden bryce” not that one! Sorry, but if you’re looking for graphic non-hetero, um, “activities”, you’re in the wrong place! *blush*

Just for the record, “Braden” is my grandmother’s maiden name, and “Bryce” is my son’s middle name. I’d read it somewhere, and had liked it. When we had trouble coming up with a name for our pre-born baby, I remembered the name.

“Braden Bryce” was originally going to be a web-publishing company. Back fifteen to twenty years ago, making websites was still a big deal, and I figured I’d have lots of free time on my hands, because “how hard can it be” to raise a child, right? Ha! Anyway, I had the domain name, and now it’s been re-purposed.

Just not re-purposed that way for that subject.

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