This may be it.

Gramma has been in the hospital for longer than I’d thought she had any reason to, assuming she was going to be getting better and going home. I just got the call I’ve been expecting from my sister. She’d just gotten back to her own home from visiting Gramma, and wanted to fill me in on Gramma’s condition.

She’s hallucinating, and my sister says that she’s “Gramma” only maybe ten percent of the time. My sister has no idea what course of action to recommend. Pull my son from school for a couple days and make an immediate visit? Wait for the weekend and see what happens? Neither of us knows.

Gramma has been alone for so very long. Her beloved Danny died decades ago, and her own son neglected her and then rejected her. He’s had no contact with her since she told him that she knew what he’d done. She’s told me more than once that she often wakes up in the morning and wonders why, exactly, she’s waking up. What does God want?

I don’t know what I’m feeling; I keep veering all over the place. I pray that Gramma finds peace and rest, in whatever way she can. Maybe she will soon be reunited with her Danny. I hope she will be, and that she finds happiness again.

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